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We are a largely diversified group of companies, with strong footing in a multitude of business domains and dimensions. We are engaged in consumer business, commercial business, trading, and export business.

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This being the founding company, specializes in publication of material covering all genres of books in a large array of varied specializations and plays a well-respected role in upbringing the literacy and proficiency of generations to date, 63 years so far and counting.

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Is engaged in both consumer and commercial business and specializes in printing and production of Composition Books, Coloring Books, Notepads and Notebooks, Reading Material, Annual Reports, Manifestos, Magazines and Hard Binding Books/Journals. This scope also includes all types of books for both local and global clientele on private label (OEM) basis. The company’s state of the art factory compound is one of the largest by its output capacity in the whole of South East Asia, with modern, highly-sophisticated, and mostly fully automatic machines which includes two fully automatic, reel to packet copier paper cut-sizing machines.

ProMate™, Rathna® and mango™ are fully owned and registered brands of PRINTXCEL PRIVATE LIMITED.

Besides the company’s own brands, it also has agreements for contractual private label manufacturing for some of the largest supermarket chains, schools and bookstore chains in the country as well as overseas.

About ProMate

The new generation of stationary is here! ProMate™ offers you dynamic, stylish and vibrant solutions to suit every stationary need. Revolutionizing the approach to stationary, ProMate™ products are manufactured under stringent quality standards. ProMate™ brings you an unparalleled selection of premium quality Notebooks, CR Books and Spiral Pads that guarantee satisfaction and deliver premium quality.

At ProMate™, our forte has always been to deliver inspiring solutions to suit current market trends. We are dedicated and passionate about providing high-end stationery solutions to meet demanding customer needs. Our focus on delivering products with enhanced contemporary designs and impeccable quality standards ensure that we are at the forefront of stationery development and delivery, thus setting new standards within the industry. We are a fast-growing stationer, a printer & a packaging solutions provider based in Sri Lanka, engaged in both the consumer and commercial business domains. Blessed and inspired with a deep-rooted history of well over half a century in the domain of printing and stationery, we have over the years inculcated to ourselves the formula of building a respected brand by offering unparalleled customer experience at affordable and competitive prices.

We are a futuristic, dynamic, and trend-setting team of passionate individuals, striving to achieve consistent and sustainable excellence by delivering innovative, superior quality stationery and printing solutions to all our customer segments.

Associate Brands: RATHNA®

Our founding brand is RATHNA® and derives through the name of the Group’s Late Founder Chairman, Mr. M. L. Gunaratne way back in 1958. Rathna carries a deep-rooted heritage of compiling and publishing the back then school textbooks in all three languages, Sinhala, English and Tamil for the school curriculum, before the Department of Education Publications was formed and established under the Ministry of Education by the Government of Sri Lanka in late 70’s. Besides school text books, the publishing house proudly claims some of the landmark and iconic books ever published in the history of Sri Lanka, in association with some of the most renowned scholars, authors and education veterans of the time. Rathna Publications cover all literary genres ranging through novels, translations, short stories, fiction, religions, history, politics, science, medicine, indigenous medicine, traditional and customary affairs, dictionaries, and those used in local Buddhist education curriculum, amongst a host of others.

Rathna® then towards the late 2000 started manufacturing school composition or what is commonly known as exercise books. Rathna® brand as of today, claims a wider portfolio covering a full range of school exercise books, all school, office and general-purpose stationery, manufactured using high quality material, under stringent compliance parameters.

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Associate Brands: mango®

Specializing in manufacturing of all types of writing equipment, mango™ has a wide array of ball pens, gel pens, water-coloring pens, fiber-tip pens, felt-tip pens and counting, covering the a wide gamut of pens for different uses and categories. The brand has extended to other connected peripheral domains in school, office and general purpose stationery an offers a wider range of products to everyday use. This includes glue and adhesive products, coloring tools and other kids’ products, teenage stationery products and those for working professionals.

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We are the largest supplier of box-board cartons to the country’s largest milk powder manufacturers, biscuits manufacturers and the top-notch FMCG giants dominating the local consumer market. The Company also plays in foreign trade and supplies to some of the world’s leading sporting gear companies, retailers and stationers. In addition, we also have ties with some of the leading tea exporters in the country and we take pride in being able to provide superior packaging solutions to take the name of our country to the global tea market.

With one of the largest and most sophisticated factory compounds in the whole of South East Asia, the company is capable of producing large quantities of box-board packaging with unique value additions, with its unparalleled strength of machinery, its team of talent and the experience in trade.

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Specializes in the manufacturing of writing instruments, this facility is one of the largest and one of the most-sophisticated in the whole of South East Asia, with fully automatic machinery for production, assembly and packing. Besides manufacturing the company’s own brand of mango™, we are also responsible for bringing in foreign currency to Sri Lanka as the largest pens exporter of the country, exporting to over 14 countries, including the United States of America. We manufacture pens for some of the world’s largest retailers, logistics companies and stationers.

We also manufacture a range of other products such as school, office and general-purpose stationery an offers a wider range of products to everyday use. This includes glue and adhesive products, coloring tools and other kids’ products, teenage stationery products and those for working professionals.



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We are the largest producer of cement-bags for the cement industry in the country and we are geared to print and produce craft-paper bags for industrial use, using virgin pulp material and a line of fully automatic machinery, ensuring highest-grade quality and consistency.

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We are the largest exporter of stationery products in Sri Lanka and we have export ties with over 21 countries, catering to some of the largest global players in a multitude of industries, ranging through retailers, logistics operators, sporting gear manufacturers, apparel manufacturers, stationers and airliners amongst others.

We manufacture OEM products under the most stringent quality controls and we use certified material such as FSC for responsible production. Our production facilities are SEDEX certified and we are ethical sourcing, employing and trading.

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